This project is a fresh work, it should work, but please don't be shy and discuss it with us if any issue ♥️ TL;DR: Stop translating in "manifest.json" otherwise this work will be lost. Packages includes a "manifest.json" file, including questions. English strings are extracted once a day and arrives in Weblate. One a week, it will be pushed to the Apps repository (and reach end-user through automatic download or manual refresh). If there is translation in source package, will it be overridden? Apart from the english strings, yes. Note: questions in manifest without english are not available in Weblate, here is the script to check:

Translation status

3.2% Translate
- Approved
- Good
- Failing checks
- Needs editing

Other components

Project Translated Words Review Checks Suggestions
2.3% 1.8% 0.0% 1 0 Translate
- Approved
- Good
- Failing checks
- Needs editing


Percent Strings Words
Total 122 796
Translated 3.2% 4 34
Review 0.0% 0
Failing check 0.0% 0

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