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'. ’。 YunoHost
? YunoHost
0=Disabled, blank=inherit 0=禁用, 留空=继承 YunoHost
0 for default 默认为0 YunoHost
0 for default. 默认为0。 YunoHost
0=None; example: 1g 0=不预留;例如:1g YunoHost
0=None; example: 1 GiB 0=无;例如:1 GiB YunoHost
0=Unlimited; example: 1g 0=无限制;例如:1g YunoHost
0=Unlimited; example: 1 GiB 0=无限制;例如:1GiB YunoHost
10000 10000 YunoHost
115200 115200 YunoHost
15000 15000 YunoHost
169.254/16 subnet is not valid for nameserver 169.254/16 子网段不能用作域名服务器 YunoHost
16 characters or fewer. 16 characters or fewer. YunoHost
19200 19200 YunoHost
20 characters is the maximum length. 20个字符是极限长度。 YunoHost
25 characters) 25个字符) YunoHost
38400 38400 YunoHost
5400 5400 YunoHost
57600 57600 YunoHost
7200 7200 YunoHost
8x5 FreeNAS Support 8x5 FreeNAS 支持 YunoHost
9600 9600 YunoHost
A <a href="" target="_blank">token must be generated</a> in the account before adding it here. 在被添加前,一个<a href="" target="_blank">令牌必须被生成</a>于这个账户。 YunoHost
About 关于 YunoHost
Access Key 访问密钥 YunoHost
Access Key ID 访问密钥ID YunoHost
Access Mode 访问模式 YunoHost
Access Token 访问令牌 YunoHost
Access Token <a href="" target="_blank">generated by a Hubic account</a>. 访问令牌<a href="" target="_blank">通过Hubic账户生成</a>。 YunoHost
Access Token for a Dropbox account. Dropbox账户的访问令牌。 YunoHost
Access Tokens expire periodically and must be refreshed. 访问令牌会定期失效并需要被更新。 YunoHost
Account 账户 YunoHost
Account ID or Application Key ID 账户ID或应用密钥ID YunoHost
Account is required to have permissions to the shared pool or dataset. 账户必须对共享存储池或数据集有权限。 YunoHost
Account Key 账户密钥 YunoHost
Account Name 账户名 YunoHost
Accounts 账户 YunoHost
Account to be used for guest access. 用于访客访问的账户。 YunoHost
A certificate with this name already exists. 已存在同名证书。 YunoHost
ACL Type ACL类型 YunoHost
Acoustic Level 声学等级 YunoHost
Actions 操作 YunoHost
Activate 启用 YunoHost
Activate an existing boot environment that uses the desired train and boot into it to switch to that train. Activate an existing boot environment that uses the desired train and boot into it to switch to that train. YunoHost
Activate boot environment %(name)s 激活的启动环境 %(name)s YunoHost
Activates the configuration. 启用配置 YunoHost
Active 活动 YunoHost
Active Directory 活动目录 YunoHost
Active Directory failed to reload. Active Directory 重载失败。 YunoHost
Active Directory IDMAP change! 活动目录IDMAP发生变化! YunoHost
Active Directory Settings 活动目录设置 YunoHost
Active Media Subtype 活动媒体子类型 YunoHost
Active Media Type 活动媒体类型Active Media Type YunoHost
Active storage controller. 活动存储控制器。 YunoHost
Active Volumes 激活卷 YunoHost
ad ad YunoHost
Adapter Type 适配器类型 YunoHost
Adapter Type: 适配器类型: YunoHost
Add 添加 YunoHost
Add Additional Alias 添加额外别名 YunoHost
Add Additional IPv4 Alias 添加额外的IPv4别名 YunoHost
Add Additional IPv6 Alias 添加额外的IPv6别名 YunoHost
Add Additional Path 添加额外路径 YunoHost
Add an <a href="%%docurl%%/system.html%%webversion%%#certificates" target="_blank">SSL certificate</a> to be used for secure S3 connections. 添加一个用于S3安全连接的<a href="%%docurl%%/system.html%%webversion%%#certificates" target="_blank">SSL证书</a>。 YunoHost
Add a name for the new snapshot 给新的快照添加一个名字 YunoHost
Add a name for the new snapshot. 给新的快照添加一个名字。 YunoHost
Add any more <a href="" target="_blank">sshd_config(5)</a> options not covered in this screen. 添加更多<a href="" target="_blank">sshd_config(5)</a>不被此页包含的选项。 YunoHost
Add any notes about this zvol. 输入这个zvol的备注。 YunoHost
Add Cache 添加缓存 YunoHost
Add Cloud Credential 添加云凭据 YunoHost
Add Data 添加数据 YunoHost
Add Dataset 添加数据集 YunoHost
Added disks are erased, then the pool is extended onto the new disks with the chosen topology. 添加的磁盘被擦除,然后存储池将被扩展到新磁盘使用选择的拓扑。 YunoHost
Add extra 添加额外的 YunoHost
Add Extra Device 添加扩展设备 YunoHost
Adding search domains can cause slow DNS lookups. 添加搜索域会拖慢DNS查询。 YunoHost
Add Interface 添加网络接口 YunoHost
Additional <a href="" target="_blank">afp.conf(5)</a> parameters. 额外的<a href="" target="_blank">afp.conf(5)</a>参数。 YunoHost
Additional <a href="" target="_blank">afp.conf</a> parameters not covered by other option fields. 不被其他选项包含的<a href="" target="_blank">afp.conf</a>参数 。 YunoHost
Additional <a href="" target="_blank">smartctl(8)</a> options. 额外的<a href="" target="_blank">smartctl(8)</a>选项。 YunoHost
Additional <a href="" target="_blank">smartctl(8)</a> options. 额外的<a href="" target="_blank">smartctl(8)</a>参数。 YunoHost
Additional <b>smb5.conf</b> parameters not covered by other option fields. 不被其他选项包含的<b>smb5.conf</b>参数。 YunoHost
Additional Domains 额外域名 YunoHost
Additional Hardware 附加硬件 YunoHost
Additional parameters to the hardware-specific part of the driver. 用于部分特殊硬件的驱动程序参数。 YunoHost
Add Jail 添加 Jail YunoHost
Add Jails 添加 Jails YunoHost
Add Jail Templates 添加 Jail 模板 YunoHost
Add lines to the jail <b>resolv.conf</b>. 添加行到jail的<b>resolv.conf</b>配置文件。 YunoHost
Add Log 添加日志 YunoHost
Add more options from <a href="" target="_blank">tftpd(8)</a>. 从<a href="" target="_blank">tftpd(8)</a>获取更多可以添加的选项。 YunoHost
Add %(name)s 添加 %s YunoHost
Add one option on each line. 每行添加一个选项。 YunoHost
Add one or more disks to be used for data. 添加一个或多个用于数据存储的磁盘。 YunoHost
Add one or more disks to extend the pool. 添加一个或多个磁盘来扩展存储池。 YunoHost
Add Periodic Snapshot 添加定期快照 YunoHost
Add recovery key 添加recovery key YunoHost
Add Recovery Key 添加恢复密钥 YunoHost
Add Replication 添加复制 YunoHost
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