Key English Chinese (Simplified)
invalid_mailforward Invalid e-mail forwarding address 无效的电子邮件转发地址
logged_out Logged out 登出
login Log in 登录
logout Log out 登出
new_forward 新前进@我的外国域名.org
new_mail 新邮件@我的域名.org
new_password New password 新密码
ok OK
password Password 密码
password_changed Password changed 密码已更改
good_practices_about_user_password Pick a user password of at least 8 characters - though it is good practice to use longer ones (i.e. a passphrase) and/or use various kind of characters (uppercase, lowercase, digits and special characters). 选择至少8个字符的用户密码-尽管使用较长的用户密码(即密码短语)和/或使用各种字符(大写,小写,数字和特殊字符)是一种很好的做法。
please_login_from_portal Please log in from the portal 请从门户登录
please_login Please log in to access to this content 请登录以访问此内容
redirection_error_invalid_url Redirection error: Invalid URL 重定向错误:无效的 URL
redirection_error_unmanaged_domain Redirection error: Unmanaged domain 重定向错误:非托管域
footerlink_support Support 支持
wrong_current_password The current password is wrong 当前密码错误
password_too_simple_4 The password needs to be at least 12 characters long and contains digit, upper, lower and special characters 密码长度至少为12个字符,并且包含数字,大写,小写和特殊字符
password_too_simple_1 The password needs to be at least 8 characters long 密码长度至少为8个字符
password_too_simple_2 The password needs to be at least 8 characters long and contains digit, upper and lower characters 密码长度至少为8个字符,并且包含数字,大写和小写字符