Key English Occitan
password_too_simple_4 The password needs to be at least 12 characters long and contains digit, upper, lower and special characters Lo senhal deu conténer almens 12 caractèrs, de nombre, majusculas, minusculas e caractèrs especials
good_practices_about_user_password Pick a user password of at least 8 characters - though it is good practice to use longer ones (i.e. a passphrase) and/or use various kind of characters (uppercase, lowercase, digits and special characters). Causissètz un senhal d’almens 8 caractèrs, es de bon far d’utilizar un senhal mai long (es a dire una frasa de senhal) e/o utilizar mantun tipe de caractèrs (majusculas, minusculas, nombres e caractèrs especials).