Key English Chinese (Simplified)
argument_required Argument '{argument}' is required 参数“{argument}”是必须的
authentication_required Authentication required 需要验证
confirm Confirm {prompt} 确认 {prompt}
deprecated_command '{prog} {command}' is deprecated and will be removed in the future {prog}{command}已经放弃使用,将来会删除
deprecated_command_alias '{prog} {old}' is deprecated and will be removed in the future, use '{prog} {new}' instead {prog}{old}已经放弃使用,将来会删除,请使用{prog}{new}代替
edit_text_question {}. Edit this text ? [yN]: {}.编辑此文本?[yN]:
error Error: 错误:
file_not_exist File does not exist: '{path}' 文件不存在: '{path}'
folder_exists Folder already exists: '{path}' 目录已存在: '{path}'
info Info: 信息:
instance_already_running There is already a YunoHost operation running. Please wait for it to finish before running another one. 已经有一个YunoHost操作正在运行。 请等待它完成再运行另一个。
invalid_argument Invalid argument '{argument}': {error} 参数错误{argument}:{error}
invalid_usage Invalid usage, pass --help to see help 用法错误,输入 --help 查看帮助信息
logged_in Logged in 登录
logged_out Logged out 登出
not_logged_in You are not logged in 您未登录
operation_interrupted Operation interrupted 操作中断
password Password 密码
pattern_not_match Does not match pattern 模式匹配失败
root_required You must be root to perform this action 必须以root身份进行此操作