Key English Chinese (Simplified)
server_already_running A server is already running on that port 服务已运行在指定端口
success Success! 成功!
unable_authenticate Unable to authenticate 认证失败
unknown_group Unknown '{group}' group 未知组{group}
unknown_user Unknown '{user}' user 未知用户{user}
values_mismatch Values don't match 值不匹配
warning Warning: 警告:
websocket_request_expected Expected a WebSocket request 期望一个WebSocket请求
cannot_open_file Could not open file {file} (reason: {error}) 不能打开文件{file}(原因:{error})
cannot_write_file Could not write file {file} (reason: {error}) 写入文件{file}失败(原因:{error})
unknown_error_reading_file Unknown error while trying to read file {file} (reason: {error}) 尝试读取文件{file}时发生未知错误(原因:{error})
corrupted_json Corrupted JSON read from {ressource} (reason: {error}) 从{ressource}读取的JSON损坏(原因:{error})
corrupted_yaml Corrupted YAML read from {ressource} (reason: {error}) 从{ressource}读取的YMAL损坏(原因:{error})
corrupted_toml Corrupted TOML read from {ressource} (reason: {error}) 从{ressource}读取的TOML已损坏(原因:{error})
error_writing_file Error when writing file {file}: {error} 写入文件{file}失败:{error}
error_removing Error when removing {path}: {error} 删除路径{path}失败:{error}
error_changing_file_permissions Error when changing permissions for {path}: {error} 目录{path}权限修改失败:{error}
invalid_url Failed to connect to {url} ... maybe the service is down, or you are not properly connected to the Internet in IPv4/IPv6. URL:{url}无效(site是否存在?)
download_ssl_error SSL error when connecting to {url} 连接{url}时发生SSL错误
download_timeout {url} took too long to answer, gave up. {url}响应超时,放弃。