Key English Nepali
error Error:
file_not_exist File does not exist: '{path}'
folder_exists Folder already exists: '{path}'
info Info:
instance_already_running There is already a YunoHost operation running. Please wait for it to finish before running another one.
invalid_argument Invalid argument '{argument}': {error}
invalid_usage Invalid usage, pass --help to see help
logged_in Logged in
not_logged_in You are not logged in
operation_interrupted Operation interrupted
pattern_not_match Does not match pattern
root_required You must be root to perform this action
server_already_running A server is already running on that port
success Success!
unable_authenticate Unable to authenticate
unknown_group Unknown '{group}' group
unknown_user Unknown '{user}' user
values_mismatch Values don't match
warning Warning:
websocket_request_expected Expected a WebSocket request