Key English Norwegian Bokmål
warn_the_user_about_waiting_lock Another YunoHost command is running right now, we are waiting for it to finish before running this one
argument_required Argument '{argument}' is required Argumentet '{argument}' er påkrevd
server_already_running A server is already running on that port
authentication_required Authentication required
confirm Confirm {prompt} Bekreft {prompt}
corrupted_json Corrupted JSON read from {ressource} (reason: {error})
corrupted_toml Corrupted TOML read from {ressource} (reason: {error})
corrupted_yaml Corrupted YAML read from {ressource} (reason: {error})
cannot_open_file Could not open file {file} (reason: {error})
cannot_write_file Could not write file {file} (reason: {error})
pattern_not_match Does not match pattern
edit_text_question {}. Edit this text ? [yN]:
error Error: Feil:
error_changing_file_permissions Error when changing permissions for {path}: {error}
download_unknown_error Error when downloading data from {url}: {error}
error_removing Error when removing {path}: {error}
error_writing_file Error when writing file {file}: {error}
websocket_request_expected Expected a WebSocket request Forventet en WebSocket-forespørsel
invalid_url Failed to connect to {url} ... maybe the service is down, or you are not properly connected to the Internet in IPv4/IPv6.
file_not_exist File does not exist: '{path}'