English Chinese (Simplified)
The default limit is 50. 默认限制是50。
The default timeout is 10 seconds. 默认超时是10秒。
Show advanced fields by default 默认显示高级选项
The default is a multiple of 7 to ensure the scrub always occurs on the same weekday. 默认是一个7的倍数以保证Scrub总是在一周里的同一天发生。
Off by default. 默认为关闭。
Default 默认
Gold 黄金
Advanced 高级
Validate Remote Path 验证远程路径
Authentication Type 验证类型
Verify Install 验证安装
Verify Credential 验证凭据
Verifying 验证中
Verify 验证
The driver used to communicate with your UPS. 驱动程序用于与 UPS 设备交互。
drive 驱动器
drives 驱动器
Driver 驱动
Prefer 首选
Preferred 首选