Key English Chinese (Simplified)
app_upgraded {app} upgraded {app}upgraded
app_change_url_success {app} URL is now {domain}{path} {app} URL现在为 {domain}{path}
app_requirements_unmeet Requirements are not met for {app}, the package {pkgname} ({version}) must be {spec} {app}不符合要求,软件包{pkgname}({version}) 必须为{spec}
app_not_correctly_installed {app} seems to be incorrectly installed {app} 似乎安装不正确
app_start_install Installing {app}... {app}安装中...
unbackup_app {app} will not be saved {app} 将不会保存
unrestore_app {app} will not be restored {app} 将不会恢复
app_already_installed {app} is already installed {app}已安装
app_already_up_to_date {app} is already up-to-date {app} 已经是最新的
app_not_properly_removed {app} has not been properly removed {app} 未正确删除
backup_with_no_restore_script_for_app {app} has no restoration script, you will not be able to automatically restore the backup of this app. {app} 没有还原脚本,您将无法自动还原该应用程序的备份。
unknown_main_domain_path Unknown domain or path for '{app}'. You need to specify a domain and a path to be able to specify a URL for permission. '{app}'的域或路径未知。您需要指定一个域和一个路径,以便能够指定用于许可的URL。
backup_permission Backup permission for {app} {app}的备份权限
migrations_exclusive_options '--auto', '--skip', and '--force-rerun' are mutually exclusive options. '--auto', '--skip',和'--force-rerun'是互斥的选项。
diagnosis_ports_needed_by Exposing this port is needed for {category} features (service {service}) {category}功能(服务{service})需要公开此端口
diagnosis_ip_weird_resolvconf DNS resolution seems to be working, but it looks like you're using a custom <code>/etc/resolv.conf</code>. DNS解析似乎可以正常工作,但是您似乎正在使用自定义的<code> /etc/resolv.conf </code>。
diagnosis_description_dnsrecords DNS records DNS记录
diagnosis_domain_expires_in {domain} expires in {days} days. {domain}在{days}天后到期。
dyndns_registered DynDNS domain registered DynDNS域已注册
dyndns_domain_not_provided DynDNS provider {provider} cannot provide domain {domain}. DynDNS提供者 {provider} 无法提供域 {domain}。