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Key English Chinese (Simplified)
domain_dns_push_not_applicable The automatic DNS configuration feature is not applicable to domain {domain}. You should manually configure your DNS records following the documentation at 的自动DNS配置的特征是不适用域{domain}。您应该按照 上的文档手动配置DNS 记录。
good_practices_about_user_password You are now about to define a new user password. The password should be at least 8 characters long—though it is good practice to use a longer password (i.e. a passphrase) and/or to a variation of characters (uppercase, lowercase, digits and special characters). 现在,您将设置一个新的管理员密码。 密码至少应包含8个字符。并且出于安全考虑建议使用较长的密码同时尽可能使用各种字符(大写,小写,数字和特殊字符)
upnp_disabled UPnP turned off UPnP已禁用
upnp_enabled UPnP turned on UPnP已启用