Key English Chinese (Simplified)
backup_archive_name_exists A backup archive with this name already exists. 具有该名称的备份存档已经存在。
aborting Aborting. 正在放弃。
diagnosis_dns_missing_record According to the recommended DNS configuration, you should add a DNS record with the following info.<br>Type: <code>{type}</code><br>Name: <code>{name}</code><br>Value: <code>{value}</code> 根据建议的DNS配置,您应该添加带有以下信息的DNS记录。<br>类型:<code>{type}</code><br>名称:<code>{name}</code><br>值:<code>{value}</code>
log_domain_add Add '{}' domain into system configuration 将 '{}'域添加到系统配置中
additional_urls_already_added Additionnal URL '{url}' already added in the additional URL for permission '{permission}' 附加URL '{url}' 已添加到权限'{permission}'的附加URL中
additional_urls_already_removed Additionnal URL '{url}' already removed in the additional URL for permission '{permission}' 权限'{permission}'的其他URL中已经删除了附加URL'{url}'
log_user_create Add '{}' user 添加用户'{}'
diagnosis_mail_ehlo_wrong A different SMTP mail server answers on IPv{ipversion}. Your server will probably not be able to receive emails. 不同的SMTP邮件服务器在IPv{ipversion}上进行应答。您的服务器可能无法接收电子邮件。
admin_password Administration password 管理员密码
global_settings_setting_security_password_admin_strength Admin password strength 管理员密码强度
diagnosis_mail_blacklist_website After identifying why you are listed and fixed it, feel free to ask for your IP or domaine to be removed on {blacklist_website} 确定列出的原因并加以修复后,请随时在{blacklist_website}上要求删除您的IP或域名
apps_already_up_to_date All apps are already up-to-date 所有应用程序都是最新的
diagnosis_regenconf_allgood All configurations files are in line with the recommended configuration! 所有配置文件均符合建议的配置!
diagnosis_apps_allgood All installed apps respect basic packaging practices 所有已安装的应用程序都遵守基本的打包原则
global_settings_setting_security_webadmin_allowlist_enabled Allow only some IPs to access the webadmin.
global_settings_setting_security_ssh_password_authentication Allow password authentication for SSH
service_description_dovecot Allows e-mail clients to access/fetch email (via IMAP and POP3) 允许电子邮件客户端访问/获取电子邮件(通过IMAP和POP3)
service_description_ssh Allows you to connect remotely to your server via a terminal (SSH protocol) 允许您通过终端(SSH协议)远程连接到服务器
service_description_yunomdns Allows you to reach your server using 'yunohost.local' in your local network
global_settings_setting_service_ssh_allow_deprecated_dsa_hostkey Allow the use of (deprecated) DSA hostkey for the SSH daemon configuration 允许使用DSA主机密钥进行SSH守护程序配置(不建议使用)