Key English Chinese (Simplified)
aborting Aborting. 正在放弃。
action_invalid Invalid action '{action}' 无效操作 '{action}'
additional_urls_already_added Additionnal URL '{url}' already added in the additional URL for permission '{permission}' 附加URL '{url}' 已添加到权限'{permission}'的附加URL中
additional_urls_already_removed Additionnal URL '{url}' already removed in the additional URL for permission '{permission}' 权限'{permission}'的其他URL中已经删除了附加URL'{url}'
admin_password Administration password 管理员密码
admins Admins
all_users All YunoHost users 所有的YunoHost用户
already_up_to_date Nothing to do. Everything is already up-to-date. 无事可做。一切都已经是最新的了。
app_action_broke_system This action seems to have broken these important services: {services} 该操作似乎破坏了以下重要服务:{services}
app_action_cannot_be_ran_because_required_services_down These required services should be running to run this action: {services}. Try restarting them to continue (and possibly investigate why they are down). 这些必需的服务应该正在运行以执行以下操作:{services},尝试重新启动它们以继续操作(考虑调查为什么它们出现故障)。
app_action_failed Failed to run action {action} for app {app} 对应用{app}执行动作{action}失败
app_already_installed {app} is already installed {app}已安装
app_already_installed_cant_change_url This app is already installed. The URL cannot be changed just by this function. Check in `app changeurl` if it's available. 这个应用程序已经被安装。URL不能仅仅通过这个函数来改变。在`app changeurl`中检查是否可用。
app_already_up_to_date {app} is already up-to-date {app} 已经是最新的
app_argument_choice_invalid Pick a valid value for argument '{name}': '{value}' is not among the available choices ({choices}) 对参数'{name}'使用以下选项之一'{choices}'
app_argument_invalid Pick a valid value for the argument '{name}': {error} 为参数'{name}'选择一个有效值: {error}
app_argument_password_no_default Error while parsing password argument '{name}': password argument can't have a default value for security reasons 解析密码参数'{name}'时出错:出于安全原因,密码参数不能具有默认值
app_argument_required Argument '{name}' is required 参数'{name}'为必填项
app_change_url_identical_domains The old and new domain/url_path are identical ('{domain}{path}'), nothing to do. 新旧domain / url_path是相同的('{domain}{path}'),无需执行任何操作。
app_change_url_no_script The app '{app_name}' doesn't support URL modification yet. Maybe you should upgrade it. 应用程序'{app_name}'尚不支持URL修改. 也许您应该升级它。