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Key English Slovenian
ask_admin_fullname Admin full name
app_yunohost_version_not_supported This app requires YunoHost >= {required} but current installed version is {current}
app_upgrade_some_app_failed Some apps could not be upgraded
app_upgrade_several_apps The following apps will be upgraded: {apps}
app_upgrade_script_failed An error occurred inside the app upgrade script
app_upgrade_failed Could not upgrade {app}: {error}
app_upgraded {app} upgraded
app_upgrade_app_name Now upgrading {app}...
app_unsupported_remote_type Unsupported remote type used for the app
app_unknown Unknown app
app_start_restore Restoring {app}...
app_start_remove Removing {app}...
app_start_install Installing {app}...
app_start_backup Collecting files to be backed up for {app}...
app_sources_fetch_failed Could not fetch source files, is the URL correct?
* {app_id} (to see corresponding log do a 'yunohost log show {operation_logger_name}')
apps_failed_to_upgrade Those applications failed to upgrade:{apps}
apps_catalog_updating Updating application catalog...
apps_catalog_update_success The application catalog has been updated!
apps_catalog_obsolete_cache The app catalog cache is empty or obsolete.