Key English Slovenian
app_manifest_install_ask_admin Choose an administrator user for this app
app_make_default_location_already_used Unable to make '{app}' the default app on the domain, '{domain}' is already in use by '{other_app}'
app_location_unavailable This URL is either unavailable, or conflicts with the already installed app(s):
app_label_deprecated This command is deprecated! Please use the new command 'yunohost user permission update' to manage the app label.
app_install_script_failed An error occurred inside the app installation script
app_install_files_invalid These files cannot be installed
app_install_failed Unable to install {app}: {error}
app_id_invalid Invalid app ID
app_full_domain_unavailable Sorry, this app must be installed on a domain of its own, but other apps are already installed on the domain '{domain}'. You could use a subdomain dedicated to this app instead.
app_extraction_failed Could not extract the installation files
app_config_unable_to_read Failed to read config panel values.
app_config_unable_to_apply Failed to apply config panel values.
app_change_url_success {app} URL is now {domain}{path}
app_change_url_no_script The app '{app_name}' doesn't support URL modification yet. Maybe you should upgrade it.
app_change_url_identical_domains The old and new domain/url_path are identical ('{domain}{path}'), nothing to do.
app_argument_required Argument '{name}' is required
app_argument_password_no_default Error while parsing password argument '{name}': password argument can't have a default value for security reason
app_argument_invalid Pick a valid value for the argument '{name}': {error}
app_argument_choice_invalid Pick a valid value for argument '{name}': '{value}' is not among the available choices ({choices})
app_already_up_to_date {app} is already up-to-date