Key English Russian
backup_custom_backup_error Custom backup method could not get past the 'backup' step
backup_custom_mount_error Custom backup method could not get past the 'mount' step
backup_hook_unknown The backup hook '{hook}' is unknown
backup_no_uncompress_archive_dir There is no such uncompressed archive directory
backup_output_symlink_dir_broken Your archive directory '{path}' is a broken symlink. Maybe you forgot to re/mount or plug in the storage medium it points to.
backup_running_hooks Running backup hooks...
backup_unable_to_organize_files Could not use the quick method to organize files in the archive
certmanager_self_ca_conf_file_not_found Could not find configuration file for self-signing authority (file: {file})
certmanager_unable_to_parse_self_CA_name Could not parse name of self-signing authority (file: {file})
diagnosis_apps_outdated_ynh_requirement This app's installed version only requires yunohost >= 2.x, which tends to indicate that it's not up to date with recommended packaging practices and helpers. You should really consider upgrading it.
diagnosis_backports_in_sources_list It looks like apt (the package manager) is configured to use the backports repository. Unless you really know what you are doing, we strongly discourage from installing packages from backports, because it's likely to create unstabilities or conflicts on your system.
diagnosis_basesystem_ynh_inconsistent_versions You are running inconsistent versions of the YunoHost packages... most probably because of a failed or partial upgrade.
diagnosis_basesystem_ynh_main_version Server is running YunoHost {main_version} ({repo})
diagnosis_cache_still_valid (Cache still valid for {category} diagnosis. Won't re-diagnose it yet!)
diagnosis_cant_run_because_of_dep Can't run diagnosis for {category} while there are important issues related to {dep}.
diagnosis_diskusage_ok Storage <code>{mountpoint}</code> (on device <code>{device}</code>) still has {free} ({free_percent}%) space left (out of {total})!
diagnosis_diskusage_verylow Storage <code>{mountpoint}</code> (on device <code>{device}</code>) has only {free} ({free_percent}%) space remaining (out of {total}). You should really consider cleaning up some space!
diagnosis_display_tip To see the issues found, you can go to the Diagnosis section of the webadmin, or run 'yunohost diagnosis show --issues --human-readable' from the command-line.
diagnosis_dns_discrepancy The following DNS record does not seem to follow the recommended configuration:<br>Type: <code>{type}</code><br>Name: <code>{name}</code><br>Current value: <code>{current}</code><br>Expected value: <code>{value}</code>
diagnosis_dns_good_conf DNS records are correctly configured for domain {domain} (category {category})