Key English Russian
backup_hook_unknown The backup hook '{hook}' is unknown
backup_no_uncompress_archive_dir There is no such uncompressed archive directory
backup_output_symlink_dir_broken Your archive directory '{path}' is a broken symlink. Maybe you forgot to re/mount or plug in the storage medium it points to.
backup_running_hooks Running backup hooks...
backup_unable_to_organize_files Could not use the quick method to organize files in the archive
certmanager_self_ca_conf_file_not_found Could not find configuration file for self-signing authority (file: {file})
certmanager_unable_to_parse_self_CA_name Could not parse name of self-signing authority (file: {file})
diagnosis_diskusage_verylow Storage <code>{mountpoint}</code> (on device <code>{device}</code>) has only {free} ({free_percent}%) space remaining (out of {total}). You should really consider cleaning up some space!
diagnosis_dns_discrepancy The following DNS record does not seem to follow the recommended configuration:<br>Type: <code>{type}</code><br>Name: <code>{name}</code><br>Current value: <code>{current}</code><br>Expected value: <code>{value}</code>
diagnosis_dns_missing_record According to the recommended DNS configuration, you should add a DNS record with the following info.<br>Type: <code>{type}</code><br>Name: <code>{name}</code><br>Value: <code>{value}</code>
diagnosis_dns_specialusedomain Domain {domain} is based on a special-use top-level domain (TLD) such as .local or .test and is therefore not expected to have actual DNS records.
diagnosis_dns_try_dyndns_update_force This domain's DNS configuration should automatically be managed by YunoHost. If that's not the case, you can try to force an update using <cmd>yunohost dyndns update --force</cmd>.
diagnosis_domain_expiration_not_found Unable to check the expiration date for some domains
diagnosis_domain_expiration_not_found_details The WHOIS information for domain {domain} doesn't seem to contain the information about the expiration date?
diagnosis_domain_expiration_success Your domains are registered and not going to expire anytime soon.
diagnosis_domain_expiration_warning Some domains will expire soon!
diagnosis_domain_expires_in {domain} expires in {days} days.
diagnosis_domain_not_found_details The domain {domain} doesn't exist in WHOIS database or is expired!
diagnosis_found_errors_and_warnings Found {errors} significant issue(s) (and {warnings} warning(s)) related to {category}!
diagnosis_found_warnings Found {warnings} item(s) that could be improved for {category}.