Key English Portuguese
user_creation_failed Could not create user {user}: {error} Não foi possível criar o utilizador
user_deleted User deleted Utilizador eliminado com êxito
user_deletion_failed Could not delete user {user}: {error} Incapaz eliminar o utilizador
user_home_creation_failed Could not create home folder '{home}' for user
user_import_bad_file Your CSV file is not correctly formatted it will be ignored to avoid potential data loss
user_import_bad_line Incorrect line {line}: {details}
user_import_failed The users import operation completely failed
user_import_missing_columns The following columns are missing: {columns}
user_import_nothing_to_do No user needs to be imported
user_import_partial_failed The users import operation partially failed
user_import_success Users successfully imported
user_unknown Unknown user: {user} Utilizador desconhecido
user_update_failed Could not update user {user}: {error} Não foi possível atualizar o utilizador
user_updated User info changed Utilizador atualizado com êxito
yunohost_configured YunoHost is now configured YunoHost configurada com êxito
yunohost_installing Installing YunoHost... A instalar a YunoHost...
yunohost_not_installed YunoHost is not correctly installed. Please run 'yunohost tools postinstall' YunoHost ainda não está corretamente configurado. Por favor execute as 'ferramentas pós-instalação yunohost'.
yunohost_postinstall_end_tip The post-install completed! To finalize your setup, please consider:
- adding a first user through the 'Users' section of the webadmin (or 'yunohost user create <username>' in command-line);
- diagnose potential issues through the 'Diagnosis' section of the webadmin (or 'yunohost diagnosis run' in command-line);
- reading the 'Finalizing your setup' and 'Getting to know YunoHost' parts in the admin documentation: