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dpkg_is_broken You cannot do this right now because dpkg/APT (the system package managers) seems to be in a broken state... You can try to solve this issue by connecting through SSH and running `sudo apt install --fix-broken` and/or `sudo dpkg --configure -a`.
domain_cannot_remove_main You cannot remove '{domain}' since it's the main domain, you first need to set another domain as the main domain using 'yunohost domain main-domain -n <another-domain>'; here is the list of candidate domains: {other_domains}
domain_dns_conf_is_just_a_recommendation This command shows you the *recommended* configuration. It does not actually set up the DNS configuration for you. It is your responsability to configure your DNS zone in your registrar according to this recommendation.
domain_hostname_failed Unable to set new hostname. This might cause an issue later (it might be fine).
domains_available Available domains:
dyndns_could_not_check_available Could not check if {domain} is available on {provider}.
dyndns_key_not_found DNS key not found for the domain
dyndns_no_domain_registered No domain registered with DynDNS
dyndns_domain_not_provided DynDNS provider {provider} cannot provide domain {domain}.
experimental_feature Warning: This feature is experimental and not considered stable, you should not use it unless you know what you are doing.
file_does_not_exist The file {path} does not exist.
firewall_reload_failed Could not reload the firewall
firewall_rules_cmd_failed Some firewall rule commands have failed. More info in log.
global_settings_bad_choice_for_enum Bad choice for setting {setting}, received '{choice}', but available choices are: {available_choices}
global_settings_bad_type_for_setting Bad type for setting {setting}, received {received_type}, expected {expected_type}
global_settings_cant_open_settings Could not open settings file, reason: {reason}
global_settings_cant_serialize_settings Could not serialize settings data, reason: {reason}
global_settings_cant_write_settings Could not save settings file, reason: {reason}
global_settings_key_doesnt_exists The key '{settings_key}' does not exist in the global settings, you can see all the available keys by running 'yunohost settings list'
global_settings_reset_success Previous settings now backed up to {path}