Key English Polish
backup_created Backup created
backup_creation_failed Could not create the backup archive
backup_csv_addition_failed Could not add files to backup into the CSV file
backup_csv_creation_failed Could not create the CSV file needed for restoration
backup_custom_backup_error Custom backup method could not get past the 'backup' step
backup_custom_mount_error Custom backup method could not get past the 'mount' step
backup_delete_error Could not delete '{path}'
backup_deleted Backup deleted
backup_hook_unknown The backup hook '{hook}' is unknown
backup_method_copy_finished Backup copy finalized
backup_method_custom_finished Custom backup method '{method}' finished
backup_method_tar_finished TAR backup archive created
backup_mount_archive_for_restore Preparing archive for restoration...
backup_no_uncompress_archive_dir There is no such uncompressed archive directory
backup_nothings_done Nothing to save
backup_output_directory_forbidden Pick a different output directory. Backups cannot be created in /bin, /boot, /dev, /etc, /lib, /root, /run, /sbin, /sys, /usr, /var or /home/yunohost.backup/archives sub-folders
backup_output_directory_not_empty You should pick an empty output directory
backup_output_directory_required You must provide an output directory for the backup
backup_output_symlink_dir_broken Your archive directory '{path}' is a broken symlink. Maybe you forgot to re/mount or plug in the storage medium it points to.
backup_running_hooks Running backup hooks...