Key English Polish
app_make_default_location_already_used Unable to make '{app}' the default app on the domain, '{domain}' is already in use by '{other_app}'
app_location_unavailable This URL is either unavailable, or conflicts with the already installed app(s):
app_not_upgraded The app '{failed_app}' failed to upgrade, and as a consequence the following apps' upgrades have been cancelled: {apps}
app_not_correctly_installed {app} seems to be incorrectly installed
app_not_installed Could not find {app} in the list of installed apps: {all_apps}
app_not_properly_removed {app} has not been properly removed
app_removed {app} uninstalled
app_requirements_checking Checking required packages for {app}...
app_requirements_unmeet Requirements are not met for {app}, the package {pkgname} ({version}) must be {spec}
app_sources_fetch_failed Could not fetch sources files, is the URL correct?
app_start_install Installing {app}...
app_start_remove Removing {app}...
app_start_backup Collecting files to be backed up for {app}...
app_start_restore Restoring {app}...
app_unknown Unknown app
app_unsupported_remote_type Unsupported remote type used for the app
app_upgrade_several_apps The following apps will be upgraded: {apps}
app_upgrade_app_name Now upgrading {app}...
app_upgrade_failed Could not upgrade {app}: {error}
app_upgrade_some_app_failed Some apps could not be upgraded