Key English Polish
backup_permission Backup permission for {app}
diagnosis_description_basesystem Base system
diagnosis_cache_still_valid (Cache still valid for {category} diagnosis. Won't re-diagnose it yet!)
backup_applying_method_custom Calling the custom backup method '{method}'...
diagnosis_mail_queue_unavailable Can not consult number of pending emails in queue
diagnosis_cant_run_because_of_dep Can't run diagnosis for {category} while there are important issues related to {dep}.
domain_config_cert_summary Certificate status
domain_config_cert_renew_help Certificate will be automatically renewed during the last 15 days of validity. You can manually renew it if you want to. (Not recommended).
domain_config_cert_issuer Certification authority
log_app_change_url Change the URL of the '{}' app
regenconf_dry_pending_applying Checking pending configuration which would have been applied for category '{category}'...
app_requirements_checking Checking requirements for {app}...
app_manifest_install_ask_password Choose an administration password for this app
app_manifest_install_ask_admin Choose an administrator user for this app
app_manifest_install_ask_domain Choose the domain where this app should be installed
app_manifest_install_ask_path Choose the URL path (after the domain) where this app should be installed
migration_0021_cleaning_up Cleaning up cache and packages not useful anymore...
diagnosis_using_yunohost_testing <cmd>apt</cmd> (the system's package manager) is currently configured to install any 'testing' upgrade for YunoHost core.
diagnosis_using_stable_codename <cmd>apt</cmd> (the system's package manager) is currently configured to install packages from codename 'stable', instead of the codename of the current Debian version (bullseye).
app_start_backup Collecting files to be backed up for {app}...