Key English Polish
log_permission_url Update URL related to permission '{}'
apps_catalog_updating Updating application catalog...
domain_dns_push_failed Updating the DNS records failed miserably.
upgrade_complete Upgrade complete
log_tools_upgrade Upgrade system packages
log_app_upgrade Upgrade the '{}' app
migration_description_0021_migrate_to_bullseye Upgrade the system to Debian Bullseye and YunoHost 11.x
upgrading_packages Upgrading packages...
tools_upgrade Upgrading system packages
upnp_disabled UPnP turned off
upnp_enabled UPnP turned on
service_description_postfix Used to send and receive e-mails
user_created User created
user_deleted User deleted
user_updated User info changed
system_username_exists Username already exists in the list of system users
global_settings_setting_security_password_user_strength User password strength
user_import_success Users successfully imported
group_user_already_in_group User {user} is already in group {group}
group_user_not_in_group User {user} is not in group {group}