Key English Polish
diagnosis_services_conf_broken Configuration is broken for service {service}!
regenconf_updated Configuration updated for '{category}'
diagnosis_http_connection_error Connection error: could not connect to the requested domain, it's very likely unreachable.
service_add_failed Could not add the service '{service}'
dyndns_could_not_check_available Could not check if {domain} is available on {provider}.
restore_cleaning_failed Could not clean up the temporary restoration directory
log_link_to_failed_log Could not complete the operation '{desc}'. Please provide the full log of this operation by <a href="#/tools/logs/{name}">clicking here</a> to get help
regenconf_file_copy_failed Could not copy the new configuration file '{new}' to '{conf}'
user_home_creation_failed Could not create home folder '{home}' for user
permission_creation_failed Could not create permission '{permission}': {error}
group_creation_failed Could not create the group '{group}': {error}
user_creation_failed Could not create user {user}: {error}
permission_deletion_failed Could not delete permission '{permission}': {error}
group_deletion_failed Could not delete the group '{group}': {error}
user_deletion_failed Could not delete user {user}: {error}
diagnosis_http_could_not_diagnose Could not diagnose if domains are reachable from outside in IPv{ipversion}.
diagnosis_ports_could_not_diagnose Could not diagnose if ports are reachable from outside in IPv{ipversion}.
diagnosis_mail_ehlo_could_not_diagnose Could not diagnose if postfix mail server is reachable from the outside in IPv{ipversion}.
service_cmd_exec_failed Could not execute the command '{command}'
domain_cert_gen_failed Could not generate certificate