Key English Polish
app_upgraded {app} upgraded
app_change_url_success {app} URL is now {domain}{path}
unrestore_app {app} will not be restored
unbackup_app {app} will not be saved
app_argument_required Argument '{name}' is required
service_description_redis-server A specialized database used for rapid data access, task queue, and communication between programs
domain_config_auth_key Authentication key
domain_config_auth_secret Authentication secret
domain_config_auth_token Authentication token
migrations_exclusive_options '--auto', '--skip', and '--force-rerun' are mutually exclusive options.
domains_available Available domains:
backup_method_copy_finished Backup copy finalized
backup_created Backup created
backup_deleted Backup deleted
backup_permission Backup permission for {app}
global_settings_bad_choice_for_enum Bad choice for setting {setting}, received '{choice}', but available choices are: {available_choices}
global_settings_bad_type_for_setting Bad type for setting {setting}, received {received_type}, expected {expected_type}
diagnosis_description_basesystem Base system
diagnosis_cache_still_valid (Cache still valid for {category} diagnosis. Won't re-diagnose it yet!)
backup_applying_method_custom Calling the custom backup method '{method}'...