Key English Polish
upnp_disabled UPnP turned off
upnp_enabled UPnP turned on
upnp_port_open_failed Could not open port via UPnP
user_already_exists The user '{user}' already exists
user_created User created
user_creation_failed Could not create user {user}: {error}
user_deleted User deleted
user_deletion_failed Could not delete user {user}: {error}
user_home_creation_failed Could not create home folder '{home}' for user
user_import_bad_file Your CSV file is not correctly formatted it will be ignored to avoid potential data loss
user_import_bad_line Incorrect line {line}: {details}
user_import_failed The users import operation completely failed
user_import_missing_columns The following columns are missing: {columns}
user_import_nothing_to_do No user needs to be imported
user_import_partial_failed The users import operation partially failed
user_import_success Users successfully imported
user_unknown Unknown user: {user}
user_updated User info changed
user_update_failed Could not update user {user}: {error}
yunohost_already_installed YunoHost is already installed