Key English Polish
service_description_postfix Used to send and receive e-mails
service_description_postgresql Stores app data (SQL database)
service_description_redis-server A specialized database used for rapid data access, task queue, and communication between programs
service_description_rspamd Filters spam, and other e-mail related features
service_description_slapd Stores users, domains and related info
service_description_ssh Allows you to connect remotely to your server via a terminal (SSH protocol)
service_description_yunohost-api Manages interactions between the YunoHost web interface and the system
service_description_yunohost-firewall Manages open and close connection ports to services
service_description_yunomdns Allows you to reach your server using 'yunohost.local' in your local network
service_disable_failed Could not make the service '{service}' not start at boot.

Recent service logs:{logs}
service_disabled The service '{service}' will not be started anymore when system boots.
service_enable_failed Could not make the service '{service}' automatically start at boot.

Recent service logs:{logs}
service_enabled The service '{service}' will now be automatically started during system boots.
service_not_reloading_because_conf_broken Not reloading/restarting service '{name}' because its configuration is broken: {errors}
service_reload_failed Could not reload the service '{service}'

Recent service logs:{logs}
service_reload_or_restart_failed Could not reload or restart the service '{service}'

Recent service logs:{logs}
service_reloaded Service '{service}' reloaded
service_reloaded_or_restarted The service '{service}' was reloaded or restarted
service_remove_failed Could not remove the service '{service}'
service_removed Service '{service}' removed