Key English Polish
migration_0021_modified_files Please note that the following files were found to be manually modified and might be overwritten following the upgrade: {manually_modified_files}
migration_0021_cleaning_up Cleaning up cache and packages not useful anymore...
migration_0021_patch_yunohost_conflicts Applying patch to workaround conflict issue...
migration_description_0021_migrate_to_bullseye Upgrade the system to Debian Bullseye and YunoHost 11.x
global_settings_setting_security_ssh_password_authentication Allow password authentication for SSH
migration_0023_not_enough_space Make sufficient space available in {path} to run the migration.
migration_0023_postgresql_11_not_installed PostgreSQL was not installed on your system. Nothing to do.
migration_0023_postgresql_13_not_installed PostgreSQL 11 is installed, but not PostgreSQL 13!? Something weird might have happened on your system :(...
migration_description_0022_php73_to_php74_pools Migrate php7.3-fpm 'pool' conf files to php7.4
migration_description_0023_postgresql_11_to_13 Migrate databases from PostgreSQL 11 to 13
service_description_postgresql Stores app data (SQL database)
tools_upgrade Upgrading system packages
tools_upgrade_failed Could not upgrade packages: {packages_list}
domain_config_default_app Default app