Key English Polish
migration_0021_patch_yunohost_conflicts Applying patch to workaround conflict issue...
migration_description_0021_migrate_to_bullseye Upgrade the system to Debian Bullseye and YunoHost 11.x
global_settings_setting_security_ssh_password_authentication Allow password authentication for SSH
migration_0023_not_enough_space Make sufficient space available in {path} to run the migration.
migration_0023_postgresql_11_not_installed PostgreSQL was not installed on your system. Nothing to do.
migration_0023_postgresql_13_not_installed PostgreSQL 11 is installed, but not PostgreSQL 13!? Something weird might have happened on your system :(...
migration_description_0022_php73_to_php74_pools Migrate php7.3-fpm 'pool' conf files to php7.4
migration_description_0023_postgresql_11_to_13 Migrate databases from PostgreSQL 11 to 13
service_description_postgresql Stores app data (SQL database)
tools_upgrade Upgrading system packages
tools_upgrade_failed Could not upgrade packages: {packages_list}
domain_config_default_app Default app
migration_0024_rebuild_python_venv_broken_app Skipping {app} because virtualenv can't easily be rebuilt for this app. Instead, you should fix the situation by forcing the upgrade of this app using `yunohost app upgrade --force {app}`.
migration_0024_rebuild_python_venv_disclaimer_base Following the upgrade to Debian Bullseye, some Python applications needs to be partially rebuilt to get converted to the new Python version shipped in Debian (in technical terms: what's called the 'virtualenv' needs to be recreated). In the meantime, those Python applications may not work. YunoHost can attempt to rebuild the virtualenv for some of those, as detailed below. For other apps, or if the rebuild attempt fails, you will need to manually force an upgrade for those apps.
migration_0024_rebuild_python_venv_disclaimer_rebuild Rebuilding the virtualenv will be attempted for the following apps (NB: the operation may take some time!): {rebuild_apps}
migration_0024_rebuild_python_venv_disclaimer_ignored Virtualenvs can't be rebuilt automatically for those apps. You need to force an upgrade for those, which can be done from the command line with: `yunohost app upgrade --force APP`: {ignored_apps}
migration_0024_rebuild_python_venv_in_progress Now attempting to rebuild the Python virtualenv for `{app}`
migration_0024_rebuild_python_venv_failed Failed to rebuild the Python virtualenv for {app}. The app may not work as long as this is not resolved. You should fix the situation by forcing the upgrade of this app using `yunohost app upgrade --force {app}`.
migration_description_0024_rebuild_python_venv Repair Python app after bullseye migration
migration_0021_not_buster2 The current Debian distribution is not Buster! If you already ran the Buster->Bullseye migration, then this error is symptomatic of the fact that the migration procedure was not 100% succesful (otherwise YunoHost would have flagged it as completed). It is recommended to investigate what happened with the support team, who will need the **full** log of the `migration, which can be found in Tools > Logs in the webadmin.