Key English Polish
hook_list_by_invalid This property can not be used to list hooks
hook_name_unknown Unknown hook name '{name}'
ip6tables_unavailable You cannot play with ip6tables here. You are either in a container or your kernel does not support it
iptables_unavailable You cannot play with iptables here. You are either in a container or your kernel does not support it
log_corrupted_md_file The YAML metadata file associated with logs is damaged: '{md_file}
Error: {error}'
log_link_to_log Full log of this operation: '<a href="#/tools/logs/{name}" style="text-decoration:underline">{desc}</a>'
log_help_to_get_log To view the log of the operation '{desc}', use the command 'yunohost log show {name}'
log_link_to_failed_log Could not complete the operation '{desc}'. Please provide the full log of this operation by <a href="#/tools/logs/{name}">clicking here</a> to get help
log_help_to_get_failed_log The operation '{desc}' could not be completed. Please share the full log of this operation using the command 'yunohost log share {name}' to get help
log_does_exists There is no operation log with the name '{log}', use 'yunohost log list' to see all available operation logs
log_operation_unit_unclosed_properly Operation unit has not been closed properly
log_app_change_url Change the URL of the '{}' app
log_app_install Install the '{}' app
log_app_remove Remove the '{}' app
log_app_upgrade Upgrade the '{}' app
log_app_makedefault Make '{}' the default app
log_available_on_yunopaste This log is now available via {url}
log_backup_restore_system Restore system from a backup archive
log_backup_restore_app Restore '{}' from a backup archive
log_remove_on_failed_install Remove '{}' after a failed installation