Key English Polish
domain_config_cert_renew Renew Let's Encrypt certificate
domain_config_cert_renew_help Certificate will be automatically renewed during the last 15 days of validity. You can manually renew it if you want to. (Not recommended).
domain_config_cert_summary Certificate status
domain_config_cert_summary_abouttoexpire Current certificate is about to expire. It should soon be renewed automatically.
domain_config_cert_summary_expired CRITICAL: Current certificate is not valid! HTTPS won't work at all!
domain_config_cert_summary_letsencrypt Great! You're using a valid Let's Encrypt certificate!
domain_config_cert_summary_ok Okay, current certificate looks good!
domain_config_cert_summary_selfsigned WARNING: Current certificate is self-signed. Browsers will display a spooky warning to new visitors!
domain_config_cert_validity Validity
global_settings_setting_admin_strength Admin password strength requirements
global_settings_setting_admin_strength_help These requirements are only enforced when initializing or changing the password
global_settings_setting_backup_compress_tar_archives_help When creating new backups, compress the archives (.tar.gz) instead of uncompressed archives (.tar). N.B. : enabling this option means create lighter backup archives, but the initial backup procedure will be significantly longer and heavy on CPU.
global_settings_setting_nginx_compatibility NGINX Compatibility
global_settings_setting_nginx_compatibility_help Compatibility vs. security tradeoff for the web server NGINX. Affects the ciphers (and other security-related aspects)
global_settings_setting_nginx_redirect_to_https Force HTTPS
global_settings_setting_nginx_redirect_to_https_help Redirect HTTP requests to HTTPs by default (DO NOT TURN OFF unless you really know what you're doing!)
global_settings_setting_pop3_enabled_help Enable the POP3 protocol for the mail server
global_settings_setting_postfix_compatibility Postfix Compatibility
global_settings_setting_postfix_compatibility_help Compatibility vs. security tradeoff for the Postfix server. Affects the ciphers (and other security-related aspects)
global_settings_setting_root_access_explain On Linux systems, 'root' is the absolute admin. In YunoHost context, direct 'root' SSH login is by default disable - except from the local network of the server. Members of the 'admins' group can use the sudo command to act as root from the command line. However, it can be helpful to have a (robust) root password to debug the system if for some reason regular admins can not login anymore.