Key English Polish
service_remove_failed Could not remove the service '{service}'
service_restarted Service '{service}' restarted
service_restart_failed Could not restart the service '{service}'

Recent service logs:{logs}
service_started Service '{service}' started
service_start_failed Could not start the service '{service}'

Recent service logs:{logs}
service_stop_failed Unable to stop the service '{service}'

Recent service logs:{logs}
service_stopped Service '{service}' stopped
service_unknown Unknown service '{service}'
show_tile_cant_be_enabled_for_regex You cannot enable 'show_tile' right now, because the URL for the permission '{permission}' is a regex
show_tile_cant_be_enabled_for_url_not_defined You cannot enable 'show_tile' right now, because you must first define an URL for the permission '{permission}'
ssowat_conf_generated SSOwat configuration regenerated
system_upgraded System upgraded
system_username_exists Username already exists in the list of system users
this_action_broke_dpkg This action broke dpkg/APT (the system package managers)... You can try to solve this issue by connecting through SSH and running `sudo apt install --fix-broken` and/or `sudo dpkg --configure -a`.
tools_upgrade Upgrading system packages
tools_upgrade_failed Could not upgrade packages: {packages_list}
unbackup_app {app} will not be saved
unexpected_error Something unexpected went wrong: {error}
unknown_main_domain_path Unknown domain or path for '{app}'. You need to specify a domain and a path to be able to specify a URL for permission.
unlimit No quota