Key English Occitan
app_argument_choice_invalid Pick a valid value for argument '{name}': '{value}' is not among the available choices ({choices}) Utilizatz una de las opcions « {choices} » per l’argument « {name} »
app_config_unable_to_apply Failed to apply config panel values.
app_config_unable_to_read Failed to read config panel values.
app_manifest_install_ask_path Choose the URL path (after the domain) where this app should be installed Causissètz lo camin ont volètz installar aquesta aplicacion
app_removed {app} uninstalled {app} es estada suprimida
certmanager_acme_not_configured_for_domain The ACME challenge cannot be ran for {domain} right now because its nginx conf lacks the corresponding code snippet... Please make sure that your nginx configuration is up to date using `yunohost tools regen-conf nginx --dry-run --with-diff`. Lo certificat pel domeni {domain} sembla pas corrèctament installat. Mercés de lançar d’en primièr « cert-install » per aqueste domeni.
certmanager_domain_dns_ip_differs_from_public_ip The DNS records for domain '{domain}' is different from this server's IP. Please check the 'DNS records' (basic) category in the diagnosis for more info. If you recently modified your A record, please wait for it to propagate (some DNS propagation checkers are available online). (If you know what you are doing, use '--no-checks' to turn off those checks.) L’enregistrament DNS « A » pel domeni {domain} es diferent de l’adreça IP d’aqueste servidor. Se fa pauc qu’avètz modificat l’enregistrament « A », mercés d’esperar l’espandiment (qualques verificadors d’espandiment son disponibles en linha). (Se sabètz çò que fasèm, utilizatz --no-checks per desactivar aqueles contraròtles)
certmanager_domain_http_not_working Domain {domain} does not seem to be accessible through HTTP. Please check the 'Web' category in the diagnosis for more info. (If you know what you are doing, use '--no-checks' to turn off those checks.) Sembla que lo domeni {domain} es pas accessible via HTTP. Mercés de verificar que las configuracions DNS e NGINK son corrèctas
certmanager_domain_not_diagnosed_yet There is no diagnosis result for domain {domain} yet. Please re-run a diagnosis for categories 'DNS records' and 'Web' in the diagnosis section to check if the domain is ready for Let's Encrypt. (Or if you know what you are doing, use '--no-checks' to turn off those checks.)
certmanager_warning_subdomain_dns_record Subdomain '{subdomain}' does not resolve to the same IP address as '{domain}'. Some features will not be available until you fix this and regenerate the certificate.
config_apply_failed Applying the new configuration failed: {error}
config_cant_set_value_on_section You can't set a single value on an entire config section.
config_forbidden_keyword The keyword '{keyword}' is reserved, you can't create or use a config panel with a question with this id.
config_no_panel No config panel found.
config_unknown_filter_key The filter key '{filter_key}' is incorrect.
config_validate_color Should be a valid RGB hexadecimal color
config_validate_date Should be a valid date like in the format YYYY-MM-DD
config_validate_email Should be a valid email
config_validate_time Should be a valid time like HH:MM
config_validate_url Should be a valid web URL