Key English Occitan
admins Admins
all_users All YunoHost users
app_action_failed Failed to run action {action} for app {app}
app_arch_not_supported This app can only be installed on architectures {required} but your server architecture is {current}
app_argument_choice_invalid Pick a valid value for argument '{name}': '{value}' is not among the available choices ({choices}) Utilizatz una de las opcions «{choices} » per l’argument «{name} »
app_argument_password_no_default Error while parsing password argument '{name}': password argument can't have a default value for security reasons Error pendent l’analisi de l’argument del senhal «{name}»: l’argument de senhal pòt pas aver de valor per defaut per de rason de seguretat
app_change_url_failed Could not change the url for {app}: {error}
app_change_url_require_full_domain {app} cannot be moved to this new URL because it requires a full domain (i.e. with path = /)
app_change_url_script_failed An error occured inside the change url script
app_config_unable_to_apply Failed to apply config panel values.
app_config_unable_to_read Failed to read config panel values.
app_corrupt_source YunoHost was able to download the asset '{source_id}' ({url}) for {app}, but the asset doesn't match the expected checksum. This could mean that some temporary network failure happened on your server, OR the asset was somehow changed by the upstream maintainer (or a malicious actor?) and YunoHost packagers need to investigate and update the app manifest to reflect this change.
Expected sha256 checksum: {expected_sha256}
Downloaded sha256 checksum: {computed_sha256}
Downloaded file size: {size}
app_failed_to_download_asset Failed to download asset '{source_id}' ({url}) for {app}: {out}
app_failed_to_upgrade_but_continue App {failed_app} failed to upgrade, continue to next upgrades as requested. Run 'yunohost log show {operation_logger_name}' to see failure log
app_manifest_install_ask_init_admin_permission Who should have access to admin features for this app? (This can later be changed)
app_manifest_install_ask_init_main_permission Who should have access to this app? (This can later be changed)
app_manifest_install_ask_path Choose the URL path (after the domain) where this app should be installed Causissètz lo camin ont volètz installar aquesta aplicacion
app_not_enough_disk This app requires {required} free space.
app_not_enough_ram This app requires {required} RAM to install/upgrade but only {current} is available right now.
app_not_upgraded_broken_system The app '{failed_app}' failed to upgrade and put the system in a broken state, and as a consequence the following apps' upgrades have been cancelled: {apps}