Key English Occitan
already_up_to_date Nothing to do. Everything is already up-to-date. I a pas res a far! Tot es ja a jorn!
app_action_cannot_be_ran_because_required_services_down These required services should be running to run this action: {services}. Try restarting them to continue (and possibly investigate why they are down). Aquestas aplicacions necessitan d’èsser lançadas per poder executar aquesta accion: {services}. Abans de contunhar deuriatz ensajar de reaviar los servicis seguents (e tanben cercar perque son tombats en pana): {services}
app_label_deprecated This command is deprecated! Please use the new command 'yunohost user permission update' to manage the app label. Aquesta comanda es estada renduda obsolèta. Mercés d'utilizar lo nòva "yunohost user permission update" per gerir letiquetada de l'aplication
diagnosis_diskusage_verylow Storage <code>{mountpoint}</code> (on device <code>{device}</code>) has only {free} ({free_percent}%) space remaining (out of {total}). You should really consider cleaning up some space! Lo lòc d’emmagazinatge <code>{mountpoint}</code> (sul periferic <code>{device}</code>) a solament {free} ({free_percent}%). Deuriatz considerar de liberar un pauc d’espaci.
global_settings_setting_ssh_compatibility_help Compatibility vs. security tradeoff for the SSH server. Affects the ciphers (and other security-related aspects). See for more info. Solucion de compromés entre compatibilitat e seguretat pel servidor SSH. Afècta los criptografs (e d’autres aspèctes ligats amb la seguretat)
mail_domain_unknown Invalid e-mail address for domain '{domain}'. Please, use a domain administrated by this server. Lo domeni de corrièl «{domain} »es desconegut
service_disabled The service '{service}' will not be started anymore when system boots. Lo servici «{service} »es desactivat
service_enabled The service '{service}' will now be automatically started during system boots. Lo servici «{service} »es activat