Key English Occitan
already_up_to_date Nothing to do. Everything is already up-to-date. I a pas res a far! Tot es ja a jorn!
diagnosis_diskusage_verylow Storage <code>{mountpoint}</code> (on device <code>{device}</code>) has only {free} ({free_percent}%) space remaining (out of {total}). You should really consider cleaning up some space! Lo lòc d’emmagazinatge <code>{mountpoint}</code> (sul periferic <code>{device}</code>) a solament {free} ({free_percent}%). Deuriatz considerar de liberar un pauc d’espaci.
diagnosis_regenconf_manually_modified_details This is probably OK if you know what you're doing! YunoHost will stop updating this file automatically... But beware that YunoHost upgrades could contain important recommended changes. If you want to, you can inspect the differences with <cmd>yunohost tools regen-conf {category} --dry-run --with-diff</cmd> and force the reset to the recommended configuration with <cmd>yunohost tools regen-conf {category} --force</cmd> Es probablament bon tan que sabètz çò que fasètz ;) !
migrations_success_forward Migration {id} completed Migracion {id} corrèctament realizada !