Key English Dutch
app_argument_password_no_default Error while parsing password argument '{name}': password argument can't have a default value for security reason Foutmelding tijdens het lezen van wachtwoordargument '{name}': het wachtwoordargument mag om veiligheidsredenen geen standaardwaarde hebben.
domain_dns_conf_is_just_a_recommendation This command shows you the *recommended* configuration. It does not actually set up the DNS configuration for you. It is your responsability to configure your DNS zone in your registrar according to this recommendation.
domain_uninstall_app_first Those applications are still installed on your domain:

Please uninstall them using 'yunohost app remove the_app_id' or move them to another domain using 'yunohost app change-url the_app_id' before proceeding to domain removal
Een of meerdere apps zijn geïnstalleerd op dit domein, verwijder deze voordat u het domein verwijdert
dyndns_unavailable The domain '{domain}' is unavailable. DynDNS subdomein is niet beschikbaar
good_practices_about_user_password You are now about to define a new user password. The password should be at least 8 characters long—though it is good practice to use a longer password (i.e. a passphrase) and/or to a variation of characters (uppercase, lowercase, digits and special characters).
operation_interrupted The operation was manually interrupted? Werd de bewerking handmatig onderbroken?
service_disabled The service '{service}' will not be started anymore when system boots. Service '{service}' is uitgeschakeld
service_stop_failed Unable to stop the service '{service}'

Recent service logs:{logs}
Kan service '{service}' niet stoppen
upnp_disabled UPnP turned off UPnP succesvol uitgeschakeld
upnp_enabled UPnP turned on UPnP succesvol ingeschakeld