Key English Dutch
ask_new_domain New domain
ask_new_path New path
backup_abstract_method This backup method has yet to be implemented
backup_actually_backuping Creating a backup archive from the collected files...
backup_applying_method_copy Copying all files to backup...
backup_applying_method_custom Calling the custom backup method '{method}'...
backup_applying_method_tar Creating the backup TAR archive...
backup_archive_system_part_not_available System part '{part}' unavailable in this backup
backup_archive_writing_error Could not add the files '{source}' (named in the archive '{dest}') to be backed up into the compressed archive '{archive}'
backup_ask_for_copying_if_needed Do you want to perform the backup using {size}MB temporarily? (This way is used since some files could not be prepared using a more efficient method.)
backup_cant_mount_uncompress_archive Could not mount the uncompressed archive as write protected
backup_copying_to_organize_the_archive Copying {size}MB to organize the archive
backup_couldnt_bind Could not bind {src} to {dest}.
backup_csv_addition_failed Could not add files to backup into the CSV file
backup_csv_creation_failed Could not create the CSV file needed for restoration
backup_custom_backup_error Custom backup method could not get past the 'backup' step
backup_custom_mount_error Custom backup method could not get past the 'mount' step
backup_method_copy_finished Backup copy finalized
backup_method_custom_finished Custom backup method '{method}' finished
backup_method_tar_finished TAR backup archive created