Key English Macedonian
regenconf_file_kept_back The configuration file '{conf}' is expected to be deleted by regen-conf (category {category}) but was kept back.
regenconf_file_manually_modified The configuration file '{conf}' has been manually modified and will not be updated
regenconf_file_manually_removed The configuration file '{conf}' was removed manually, and will not be created
regenconf_file_removed Configuration file '{conf}' removed
regenconf_file_remove_failed Could not remove the configuration file '{conf}'
regenconf_file_updated Configuration file '{conf}' updated
regenconf_need_to_explicitly_specify_ssh The ssh configuration has been manually modified, but you need to explicitly specify category 'ssh' with --force to actually apply the changes.
regenconf_now_managed_by_yunohost The configuration file '{conf}' is now managed by YunoHost (category {category}).
regenconf_pending_applying Applying pending configuration for category '{category}'...
regenconf_updated Configuration updated for '{category}'
regenconf_up_to_date The configuration is already up-to-date for category '{category}'
regenconf_would_be_updated The configuration would have been updated for category '{category}'
regex_incompatible_with_tile /!\ Packagers! Permission '{permission}' has show_tile set to 'true' and you therefore cannot define a regex URL as the main URL
regex_with_only_domain You can't use a regex for domain, only for path
registrar_infos Registrar infos
restore_already_installed_app An app with the ID '{app}' is already installed
restore_already_installed_apps The following apps can't be restored because they are already installed: {apps}
restore_backup_too_old This backup archive can not be restored because it comes from a too-old YunoHost version.
restore_cleaning_failed Could not clean up the temporary restoration directory
restore_complete Restoration completed