Key English Italian
domain_config_default_app Default app
domain_dns_push_record_failed Failed to {action} record {type}/{name} : {error}
global_settings_setting_security_ssh_password_authentication Allow password authentication for SSH
migration_0021_cleaning_up Cleaning up cache and packages not useful anymore...
migration_0021_general_warning Please note that this migration is a delicate operation. The YunoHost team did its best to review and test it, but the migration might still break parts of the system or its apps.

Therefore, it is recommended to:
- Perform a backup of any critical data or app. More info on;
- Be patient after launching the migration: Depending on your Internet connection and hardware, it might take up to a few hours for everything to upgrade.
migration_0021_main_upgrade Starting main upgrade...
migration_0021_modified_files Please note that the following files were found to be manually modified and might be overwritten following the upgrade: {manually_modified_files}
migration_0021_not_buster The current Debian distribution is not Buster!
migration_0021_not_enough_free_space Free space is pretty low in /var/! You should have at least 1GB free to run this migration.
migration_0021_patch_yunohost_conflicts Applying patch to workaround conflict issue...
migration_0021_patching_sources_list Patching the sources.lists...
migration_0021_problematic_apps_warning Please note that the following possibly problematic installed apps were detected. It looks like those were not installed from the YunoHost app catalog, or are not flagged as 'working'. Consequently, it cannot be guaranteed that they will still work after the upgrade: {problematic_apps}
migration_0021_start Starting migration to Bullseye
migration_0021_still_on_buster_after_main_upgrade Something went wrong during the main upgrade, the system appears to still be on Debian Buster
migration_0021_system_not_fully_up_to_date Your system is not fully up-to-date. Please perform a regular upgrade before running the migration to Bullseye.
migration_0021_yunohost_upgrade Starting YunoHost core upgrade...
migration_0023_not_enough_space Make sufficient space available in {path} to run the migration.
migration_0023_postgresql_11_not_installed PostgreSQL was not installed on your system. Nothing to do.
migration_0023_postgresql_13_not_installed PostgreSQL 11 is installed, but not PostgreSQL 13!? Something weird might have happened on your system :(...
migration_description_0021_migrate_to_bullseye Upgrade the system to Debian Bullseye and YunoHost 11.x