Key English Galician
user_updated User info changed Cambiada a info da usuaria
yunohost_already_installed YunoHost is already installed YunoHost xa está instalado
yunohost_configured YunoHost is now configured YunoHost está configurado
yunohost_installing Installing YunoHost... Instalando YunoHost...
yunohost_not_installed YunoHost is not correctly installed. Please run 'yunohost tools postinstall' YunoHost non está instalado correctamente. Executa 'yunohost tools postinstall'
yunohost_postinstall_end_tip The post-install completed! To finalize your setup, please consider:
- adding a first user through the 'Users' section of the webadmin (or 'yunohost user create <username>' in command-line);
- diagnose potential issues through the 'Diagnosis' section of the webadmin (or 'yunohost diagnosis run' in command-line);
- reading the 'Finalizing your setup' and 'Getting to know YunoHost' parts in the admin documentation:
Post-install completada! Para rematar a configuración considera:
- engadir unha primeira usuaria na sección 'Usuarias' na webadmin (ou 'yunohost user create <username>' na liña de comandos);
- diagnosticar potenciais problemas na sección 'Diagnóstico' na webadmin (ou 'yunohost diagnosis run' na liña de comandos);
- ler 'Rematando a configuración' e 'Coñece YunoHost' na documentación da administración: