Key English Finnish
backup_applying_method_custom Calling the custom backup method '{method}'...
backup_applying_method_copy Copying all files to backup...
backup_app_failed Could not back up {app}
backup_actually_backuping Creating a backup archive from the collected files...
backup_abstract_method This backup method has yet to be implemented
ask_user_domain Domain to use for the user's email address and XMPP account
ask_password Password
ask_new_path New path
ask_new_domain New domain
ask_new_admin_password New administration password
ask_main_domain Main domain
ask_fullname Full name
ask_dyndns_recovery_password_explain_unavailable This DynDNS domain is already registered. If you are the person who originally registered this domain, you may enter the recovery password to reclaim this domain.
ask_dyndns_recovery_password_explain_during_unsubscribe Please enter the recovery password for this DynDNS domain.
ask_dyndns_recovery_password_explain Please pick a recovery password for your DynDNS domain, in case you need to reset it later.
ask_dyndns_recovery_password DynDNS recovery password
ask_admin_username Admin username
ask_admin_fullname Admin full name
app_yunohost_version_not_supported This app requires YunoHost >= {required} but current installed version is {current}
app_upgrade_some_app_failed Some apps could not be upgraded