Key English Finnish
server_shutdown_confirm The server will shutdown immediatly, are you sure? [{answers}]
service_add_failed Could not add the service '{service}'
service_added The service '{service}' was added
service_already_started The service '{service}' is running already
service_already_stopped The service '{service}' has already been stopped
service_cmd_exec_failed Could not execute the command '{command}'
service_description_dnsmasq Handles domain name resolution (DNS)
service_description_dovecot Allows e-mail clients to access/fetch email (via IMAP and POP3)
service_description_fail2ban Protects against brute-force and other kinds of attacks from the Internet
service_description_metronome Manage XMPP instant messaging accounts
service_description_mysql Stores app data (SQL database)
service_description_nginx Serves or provides access to all the websites hosted on your server
service_description_postfix Used to send and receive e-mails
service_description_postgresql Stores app data (SQL database)
service_description_redis-server A specialized database used for rapid data access, task queue, and communication between programs
service_description_rspamd Filters spam, and other e-mail related features
service_description_slapd Stores users, domains and related info
service_description_ssh Allows you to connect remotely to your server via a terminal (SSH protocol)
service_description_yunohost-api Manages interactions between the YunoHost web interface and the system
service_description_yunohost-firewall Manages open and close connection ports to services