Key English Esperanto
admins Admins
all_users All YunoHost users
app_action_failed Failed to run action {action} for app {app}
app_arch_not_supported This app can only be installed on architectures {', '.join(required)} but your server architecture is {current}
app_config_unable_to_apply Failed to apply config panel values.
app_config_unable_to_read Failed to read config panel values.
app_manifest_install_ask_init_admin_permission Who should have access to admin features for this app? (This can later be changed)
app_manifest_install_ask_init_main_permission Who should have access to this app? (This can later be changed)
app_not_enough_disk This app requires {required} free space.
app_not_enough_ram This app requires {required} RAM to install/upgrade but only {current} is available right now.
app_resource_failed Provisioning, deprovisioning, or updating resources for {app} failed: {error}
app_yunohost_version_not_supported This app requires YunoHost >= {required} but current installed version is {current}
ask_admin_fullname Admin full name
ask_admin_username Admin username
ask_fullname Full name
backup_create_size_estimation The archive will contain about {size} of data.
certmanager_cert_install_failed Let's Encrypt certificate install failed for {domains}
certmanager_cert_install_failed_selfsigned Self-signed certificate install failed for {domains}
certmanager_cert_renew_failed Let's Encrypt certificate renew failed for {domains}
certmanager_domain_not_diagnosed_yet There is no diagnosis result for domain {domain} yet. Please re-run a diagnosis for categories 'DNS records' and 'Web' in the diagnosis section to check if the domain is ready for Let's Encrypt. (Or if you know what you are doing, use '--no-checks' to turn off these checks.)