Key English
additional_urls_already_added Additional URL '{url}' already added in the additional URL for permission '{permission}'
additional_urls_already_removed Additional URL '{url}' already removed in the additional URL for permission '{permission}'
backup_archive_name_exists A backup archive with the name '{name}' already exists.
diagnosis_dns_point_to_doc Please check the documentation at <a href=''></a> if you need help configuring DNS records.
diagnosis_using_stable_codename_details This is usually caused by incorrect configuration from your hosting provider. This is dangerous, because as soon as the next Debian version becomes the new 'stable', <cmd>apt</cmd> will want to upgrade all system packages without going through a proper migration procedure. It is recommended to fix this by editing the apt source for base Debian repository, and replace the <cmd>stable</cmd> keyword by <cmd>bullseye</cmd>. The corresponding configuration file should be <cmd>/etc/apt/sources.list</cmd>, or a file in <cmd>/etc/apt/sources.list.d/</cmd>.
dyndns_no_recovery_password No recovery password specified! In case you loose control of this domain, you will need to contact an administrator in the YunoHost team!
dyndns_subscribed DynDNS domain subscribed
dyndns_subscribe_failed Could not subscribe DynDNS domain: {error}
dyndns_unsubscribe_failed Could not unsubscribe DynDNS domain: {error}
dyndns_unsubscribed DynDNS domain unsubscribed
dyndns_unsubscribe_denied Failed to unsubscribe domain: invalid credentials
dyndns_unsubscribe_already_unsubscribed Domain is already unsubscribed
dyndns_set_recovery_password_denied Failed to set recovery password: invalid key
dyndns_set_recovery_password_invalid_password Failed to set recovery password: password is not strong enough
dyndns_set_recovery_password_failed Failed to set recovery password: {error}
global_settings_setting_dns_exposure_help NB: This only affects the recommended DNS configuration and diagnosis checks. This does not affect system configurations.
migration_0021_not_buster2 The current Debian distribution is not Buster! If you already ran the Buster->Bullseye migration, then this error is symptomatic of the fact that the migration procedure was not 100% succesful (otherwise YunoHost would have flagged it as completed). It is recommended to investigate what happened with the support team, who will need the **full** log of the `migration, which can be found in Tools > Logs in the webadmin.
migration_0024_rebuild_python_venv_broken_app Skipping {app} because virtualenv can't easily be rebuilt for this app. Instead, you should fix the situation by forcing the upgrade of this app using `yunohost app upgrade --force {app}`.
migration_0024_rebuild_python_venv_failed Failed to rebuild the Python virtualenv for {app}. The app may not work as long as this is not resolved. You should fix the situation by forcing the upgrade of this app using `yunohost app upgrade --force {app}`.
migration_0024_rebuild_python_venv_in_progress Now attempting to rebuild the Python virtualenv for `{app}`