Key English Greek
domain_config_acme_eligible ACME eligibility
domain_config_acme_eligible_explain This domain doesn't seem ready for a Let's Encrypt certificate. Please check your DNS configuration and HTTP server reachability. The 'DNS records' and 'Web' section in <a href='#/diagnosis'>the diagnosis page</a> can help you understand what is misconfigured.
domain_config_cert_install Install Let's Encrypt certificate
domain_config_cert_issuer Certification authority
domain_config_cert_no_checks Ignore diagnosis checks
domain_config_cert_renew Renew Let's Encrypt certificate
domain_config_cert_renew_help Certificate will be automatically renewed during the last 15 days of validity. You can manually renew it if you want to. (Not recommended).
domain_config_cert_summary Certificate status
domain_config_cert_summary_abouttoexpire Current certificate is about to expire. It should soon be renewed automatically.
domain_config_cert_summary_expired CRITICAL: Current certificate is not valid! HTTPS won't work at all!
domain_config_cert_summary_letsencrypt Great! You're using a valid Let's Encrypt certificate!
domain_config_cert_summary_ok Okay, current certificate looks good!
domain_config_cert_summary_selfsigned WARNING: Current certificate is self-signed. Browsers will display a spooky warning to new visitors!
domain_config_cert_validity Validity
global_settings_setting_admin_strength Admin password strength requirements
global_settings_setting_admin_strength_help These requirements are only enforced when initializing or changing the password
global_settings_setting_backup_compress_tar_archives_help When creating new backups, compress the archives (.tar.gz) instead of uncompressed archives (.tar). N.B. : enabling this option means create lighter backup archives, but the initial backup procedure will be significantly longer and heavy on CPU.
global_settings_setting_nginx_compatibility NGINX Compatibility
global_settings_setting_nginx_compatibility_help Compatibility vs. security tradeoff for the web server NGINX. Affects the ciphers (and other security-related aspects)
global_settings_setting_nginx_redirect_to_https Force HTTPS