Key English German
app_corrupt_source YunoHost was able to download the asset '{source_id}' ({url}) for {app}, but the asset doesn't match the expected checksum. This could mean that some temporary network failure happened on your server, OR the asset was somehow changed by the upstream maintainer (or a malicious actor?) and YunoHost packagers need to investigate and update the app manifest to reflect this change.
Expected sha256 checksum: {expected_sha256}
Downloaded sha256 checksum: {computed_sha256}
Downloaded file size: {size}
app_failed_to_download_asset Failed to download asset '{source_id}' ({url}) for {app}: {out}
* {app_id} (to see corresponding log do a 'yunohost log show {operation_logger_name}')
confirm_app_insufficient_ram DANGER! This app requires {required} RAM to install/upgrade but only {current} is available right now. Even if this app could run, its installation/upgrade process requires a large amount of RAM so your server may freeze and fail miserably. If you are willing to take that risk anyway, type '{answers}'
confirm_notifications_read WARNING: You should check the app notifications above before continuing, there might be important stuff to know. [{answers}]
diagnosis_ip_no_ipv6_tip_important IPv6 should usually be automatically configured by the system or your provider if it's available. Otherwise, you might need to configure a few things manually as explained in the documentation here: <a href=''></a>.
domain_cannot_add_muc_upload You cannot add domains starting with 'muc.'. This kind of name is reserved for the XMPP multi-users chat feature integrated into YunoHost.
domain_config_cert_summary_selfsigned WARNING: Current certificate is self-signed. Browsers will display a spooky warning to new visitors!
domain_config_cert_validity Validity
domain_config_default_app_help People will automatically be redirected to this app when opening this domain. If no app is specified, people are redirected to the user portal login form.
domain_config_xmpp_help NB: some XMPP features will require that you update your DNS records and regenerate your Lets Encrypt certificate to be enabled
global_settings_reset_success Reset global settings
global_settings_setting_admin_strength_help These requirements are only enforced when initializing or changing the password
global_settings_setting_backup_compress_tar_archives Compress backups
global_settings_setting_dns_exposure IP versions to consider for DNS configuration and diagnosis
global_settings_setting_dns_exposure_help NB: This only affects the recommended DNS configuration and diagnosis checks. This does not affect system configurations.
global_settings_setting_nginx_compatibility NGINX Compatibility
global_settings_setting_nginx_redirect_to_https Force HTTPS
global_settings_setting_passwordless_sudo Allow admins to use 'sudo' without re-typing their passwords
global_settings_setting_pop3_enabled Enable POP3