Key English Catalan
domain_remove_confirm_apps_removal Removing this domain will remove those applications:

Are you sure you want to do that? [{answers}]
global_settings_setting_ssowat_panel_overlay_enabled Enable SSOwat panel overlay
restore_backup_too_old This backup archive can not be restored because it comes from a too-old YunoHost version.
log_backup_create Create a backup archive
global_settings_setting_security_ssh_port SSH port
migration_ldap_backup_before_migration Creating a backup of LDAP database and apps settings prior to the actual migration.
migration_ldap_can_not_backup_before_migration The backup of the system could not be completed before the migration failed. Error: {error}
migration_ldap_migration_failed_trying_to_rollback Could not migrate... trying to roll back the system.
migration_ldap_rollback_success System rolled back.
permission_cant_add_to_all_users The permission {permission} can not be added to all users.
disk_space_not_sufficient_install There is not enough disk space left to install this application
disk_space_not_sufficient_update There is not enough disk space left to update this application
global_settings_setting_security_webadmin_allowlist_enabled Allow only some IPs to access the webadmin.
global_settings_setting_security_webadmin_allowlist IP adresses allowed to access the webadmin. Comma-separated.
diagnosis_dns_specialusedomain Domain {domain} is based on a special-use top-level domain (TLD) such as .local or .test and is therefore not expected to have actual DNS records.
service_description_yunomdns Allows you to reach your server using 'yunohost.local' in your local network
global_settings_setting_security_experimental_enabled Enable experimental security features (don't enable this if you don't know what you're doing!)
ldap_server_down Unable to reach LDAP server
ldap_server_is_down_restart_it The LDAP service is down, attempt to restart it...
invalid_password Invalid password