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Key English Catalan
domain_config_acme_eligible ACME eligibility
ask_admin_fullname Admin full name
admins Admins
ask_admin_username Admin username
diagnosis_mail_blacklist_website After identifying why you are listed and fixing it, feel free to ask for your IP or domain to be removed on {blacklist_website} Després d'haver identificat perquè estàveu llistats i haver arreglat el problema, no dubteu en demanar que la vostra IP o domini sigui eliminat de {blacklist_website}
diagnosis_regenconf_allgood All configuration files are in line with the recommended configuration! Tots els fitxers de configuració estan en acord amb la configuració recomanada!
diagnosis_apps_allgood All installed apps respect basic packaging practices
global_settings_setting_passwordless_sudo Allow admins to use 'sudo' without re-typing their passwords
global_settings_setting_smtp_allow_ipv6 Allow IPv6
global_settings_setting_webadmin_allowlist_enabled_help Allow only some IPs to access the webadmin.
global_settings_setting_ssh_password_authentication_help Allow password authentication for SSH
service_description_yunomdns Allows you to reach your server using 'yunohost.local' in your local network
all_users All YunoHost users
other_available_options ... and {n} other available options not shown
app_change_url_script_failed An error occured inside the change url script
diagnosis_apps_issue An issue was found for app {app}
domain_config_auth_entrypoint API entry point
domain_config_api_protocol API protocol
app_change_url_require_full_domain {app} cannot be moved to this new URL because it requires a full domain (i.e. with path = /)
app_failed_to_upgrade_but_continue App {failed_app} failed to upgrade, continue to next upgrades as requested. Run 'yunohost log show {operation_logger_name}' to see failure log