Key English Catalan
diagnosis_apps_allgood All installed apps respect basic packaging practices
global_settings_setting_security_webadmin_allowlist_enabled Allow only some IPs to access the webadmin.
global_settings_setting_security_ssh_password_authentication Allow password authentication for SSH
service_description_yunomdns Allows you to reach your server using 'yunohost.local' in your local network
other_available_options ... and {n} other available options not shown
diagnosis_apps_issue An issue was found for app {app}
domain_config_auth_entrypoint API entry point
domain_config_api_protocol API protocol
domain_config_auth_application_key Application key
diagnosis_description_apps Applications
domain_config_auth_application_secret Application secret key
log_app_config_set Apply config to the '{}' app
migration_0021_patch_yunohost_conflicts Applying patch to workaround conflict issue...
config_apply_failed Applying the new configuration failed: {error}
app_removed {app} uninstalled {app} ha estat suprimida
domain_config_auth_key Authentication key
domain_config_auth_secret Authentication secret
domain_config_auth_token Authentication token
app_manifest_install_ask_path Choose the URL path (after the domain) where this app should be installed Escolliu la ruta en la que s'hauria d'instal·lar aquesta aplicació
migration_0021_cleaning_up Cleaning up cache and packages not useful anymore...