Key English Chinese (Simplified)
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group_admins Admins
important_yunohost_upgrade A major YunoHost upgrade is available. It is heavily recommended to carefully read the release note(s) on the forum before upgrading : <a href=''>Browse the release notes on the forum</a> Apps installed on domain
users_import_confirm_destructive Are you sure you want to delete users that are not present in this file? Automatic
words.browse Browse
postinstall.user.title Create first admin user
users_import_csv_file CSV File
users_import_delete Delete non listed users
users_import_delete_others Delete unlisted users
users_export Export users
domain.dns.methods.handled_in_parent Handled in parent domain
users_import_update_desc If checked, all existing users contained in the CSV file will be updated with the new value
users_import_delete_desc If checked, all existing users that are not in the CSV file will be deleted (and purged).
users_import Import users Install certificate for '{name}'
domain.cert.types.letsencrypt Let's Encrypt Link
domain.types.main_domain Main domain