Key English Chinese (Simplified)
details_about Show more details about {subject}
domain.cert.types.letsencrypt Let's Encrypt
domain.cert.types.other Other/Unknown
domain.cert.types.selfsigned Self-signed
domain.cert.valid_for valid for {days} Automatic
domain.dns.methods.handled_in_parent Handled in parent domain
domain.dns.methods.manual Manual
domain.dns.methods.none None
domain.dns.methods.semi_auto Semi-automatic
domain.explain.main_domain The main domain is the domain from which users can connect to the portal (via "{domain}/yunohost/sso").<br>Therefore, it is not possible to delete it.<br>If you want to delete "{domain}", you will first have to choose or add another domain and set it as the main domain. Apps installed on domain SSL Certification authority Registrar
domain.see_parent_domain See parent domain
domain.toggle_subdomains Toggle subdomains
domain.types.main_domain Main domain
group_admins Admins
group_explain_admins This is a special group corresponding to admin users. Users in this group can access YunoHost's webadmin, connect to the server with SSH and use the `sudo` command. They will also receive emails sent to root@, admin@ and admins@, such as the diagnosis notifications. You should only add people you absolutely trust in this group!
human_routes.apps.action_config Run action '{action}' of app '{name}' configuration