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Key English Chinese (Simplified)
action Action 动作
add Add 添加
address.domain_description.domain Choose a domain. 选择一个网域。 Choose a domain for your email. 为你的邮箱选择一个网域。
address.local_part_description.domain Choose a subdomain. 选择一个子网域。 Choose a local part for your email. 为您的电子邮件选择本地部分。
administration_password Administration password 管理密码
all All 全部
api.partial_logs [...] (check in history for full logs) [...] (在历史信息中查看全部日志)
api.processing The server is processing the action... 服务器正在处理这个动作...
api.query_status.error Unsuccessful 失败
api.query_status.pending In progress 正在进行中
api.query_status.success Successfully completed 已成功完成
api.query_status.warning Successfully completed with errors or alerts 成功完成,有错误或提示
api.reconnecting.title Trying to communicate with the server...
api.reconnecting.failed Looks like the server is not responding. You can try to reconnect again or try to run `systemctl restart yunohost-api` thru ssh.
api.reconnecting.reason.unknown Connection with the server has been closed for unknown reasons.
api.reconnecting.reason.reboot Your server is rebooting and will not be reachable for some time. A login prompt will be available as soon as the server is reachable.
api.reconnecting.reason.shutdown Your server is shutting down and is no longer reachable. Turn it back on and a login prompt will be available as soon as the server is reachable.
api.reconnecting.reason.upgrade_system Connection with the server has been closed due to yunohost upgrade. Waiting for the server to be reachable again…