Key English Chinese (Simplified)
action Action 操作
add Add 添加
address.domain_description.domain Choose a domain. 选择一个域。 Choose a domain for your email. 为您的邮箱选择一个域。
address.local_part_description.domain Choose a subdomain. 选择一个子域。 Choose a local part for your email. 为您的邮箱选择本地部分。
administration_password Administration password 管理密码
all All 全部
all_apps All apps 所有应用
api.partial_logs [...] (check in history for full logs) [...](查看完整日志的历史记录)
api.processing The server is processing the action... 服务器正在处理操作...
api.query_status.error Unsuccessful 未成功
api.query_status.pending In progress 进行中
api.query_status.success Successfully completed 已成功完成
api.query_status.warning Successfully completed with errors or alerts 已成功完成但有错误或警报
api.reconnecting.failed Looks like the server is not responding. You can try to reconnect again or try to run `systemctl restart yunohost-api` thru ssh. 看起来服务器没有响应。您可以尝试重新连接或尝试通过 ssh 运行 `systemctl restart yunohost-api`。
api.reconnecting.reason.reboot Your server is rebooting and will not be reachable for some time. A login prompt will be available as soon as the server is reachable. 您的服务器正在重启,一段时间内无法访问。当服务器可以访问时,登录提示将会出现。
api.reconnecting.reason.shutdown Your server is shutting down and is no longer reachable. Turn it back on and a login prompt will be available as soon as the server is reachable. 您的服务器正在关闭并且无法再访问。请重新启机,当服务器可以访问时,登录提示将会出现。
api.reconnecting.reason.unknown Connection with the server has been closed for unknown reasons. 由于未知原因,与服务器的连接已关闭。
api.reconnecting.reason.upgrade_system Connection with the server has been closed due to YunoHost upgrade. Waiting for the server to be reachable again… 由于 YunoHost 升级,与服务器的连接已关闭。正在等待服务器再次可访问…